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Puppy Selection

As I stated before, pick the puppy with the best chances to be a good hunting partner. If you are going to train with me, I will help you find a good dog, whether it is a German Shorthair Pointer, my favorite breed, or your favorite breed.

Early Obedience / Sporting Dog Training

Evaluates your pups potential then starts with the basic commands (Whoa, Stay, Heel) , that you can start as soon as you get your new puppy. Simple skills like waiting until you walk down steps or through a door and staying in place not only make a good living partner but also translates directly to hunting scenarios. Introduces young dogs to birds and possibly gunfire.

Early Bird Dog Training

Good for dogs between four and five months. Increases the young dog's prey drive and helps them to start using their nose to hunt. They learn to take direction from the hunter via leash and whistle.

Intermediate Field Training

All the instruction needed to produce a pointing dog that points staunchly, works obediently to commands, is steady to flush, wing and will retrieve on land and water.

Advanced Training

This will “finish” your dog so that he or she is steady to shot and fall and will retrieve reliably,

Condition Retrieving / Force Fetching

Will make a weak retrieving dog into good retrieving dog and good retrieving dog into a “no fail” retriever. If you haven't done this before make sure that you have an experienced trainer do this for you or show you how, or else you can reverse the above sentence.

Pre-Hunting Season Tune Ups

If hunting season is starting before you can get your dog ready for the first hunt of the year, I can get your dog tuned up. Whether it is steadying them up again before grouse season or to reenforce fetching for duck season, a couple of tuning lessons can get both of you off to a good season.


I raise chuckars, pheasants, mallard and quail for training and hunt test. I have recently increased my capacity so that I have birds for training earlier in the year.

Private lessons

If you are within driving distance I can tailor one hour training sessions for you and your dog or if you rather have your dog stay with us, I can train it for you. In house training consist of five days a week and multiple times a day sessions. Whether I train a dog with you or for you, I keep written records of each training session so that you can see and judge the training progress.


Contact - Ted McEachron, Bacon Hill Kennels (518) 695-6135 or e-mail at Bacon Hill